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This Player Agreement and Contract is a binding agreement under the laws of the State of North Carolina entered into between the Parent/Player named below and the Carolina Stars Hockey Club.


The Player named below has been offered a roster spot with a Carolina Stars Hockey Club team and the purpose of this agreement is to set forth the obligations and terms of acceptance of the player of the position offered.


Now, therefore, in consideration of the mutual promises and representations contained herein, the parties, intending to be legally bound, agree as follows:

  1. Acceptance of Roster Position.  By signing and submitting this agreement the Parent/Player named below has agreed to accept a roster position and make the acceptance payment for the 2023-2024 Fall/Winter Hockey Season and is committing to the full season.  It is understood due to the COVID 19 pandemic and extraordinary circumstances projected for this upcoming season, the Carolina Stars Hockey Club will determine the dates for the program, at its discretion, based on guidelines from USA Hockey, the Carolina Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA), and federal and local authorities and based on availability of facilities. The Club makes no guarantees as to the length of the season or start or end dates of the program.
  2. Program Fees

2.1.      Payment Policy.  Once the roster position is accepted by execution of this agreement, the Parent/Player has committed to a roster position on a team with the Club and the parent hereby assumes the financial responsibility of the entire season program fee.  The program fees for the player for the position offered are set forth in an attachment to this agreement.  All program fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstance. Fees for all programs must be paid in full and Members with payment delinquencies or returned charges that are not immediately satisfied will be subject to immediate suspension from all program activities until the delinquency matter is settled.  A registered player with payment delinquencies will be deemed as “not in good standing” with USA Hockey and the Carolina Stars Hockey Club.

2.2.      No Refund Policy.  The Club has no obligation to refund any fees under this agreement.  Any player that voluntarily resigns his position from the team, is unable to or chooses not to attend team practices, games or team functions or that is suspended from the team or team activities due to violations of policies or codes of conduct of the Club or who is not in good standing is still responsible for the payment of all program fees in full under this agreement. Further, the Club does not guarantee ice time or playing time in the program which is at the discretion of the Head Coach and/or the Club.

2.3.      Authorization for Charges for Program Fees.  The parent below authorizes the Carolina Stars Hockey Club to charge his or her credit card and/or take payment as provided at the Carolina Stars Registration portal for the amount of the program fees.  There are options to pay in full or select the payment plan.  All players shall pay the initial deposit required.  Thereafter, should the parent choose the payment plan, the parent agrees to make all payments timely and agrees the Club may charge his or her credit card or take payments as they become due with the credit card or method of payment which has been provided.  In the event of a dishonored charge or returned check, the parent hereby authorizes the Carolina Stars Hockey Club to charge a twenty five dollar and no cents ($25.00) service charge on each dishonored payment.  Dishonored charges due to unforeseen circumstances with the cardholder account due to no fault of the cardholder (i.e. stolen card or fraud) will be granted one grace period recharge without a fee, provided the replacement payment information is received or the payment made within 48 hours of the return charge.

2.4.      Termination Due to Non-Payment.  Non-payment will result in termination of participation in the payment plan program and suspension of the player’s participation in all practices/games and team activities until payment of all fees are made in full.  Suspension of a player from program activities for non-payment does not release the parent from the obligation to pay the full program fees under this contract for the player’s acceptance of a roster position.

2.5       COVID 19.  Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it is understood there is some uncertainty with regard to whether the program will be interrupted at any point in time during the season due to government regulations and/or shut downs that may affect travel or the use of rink facilities or place undue restrictions on the number of players or coaches in a particular location. The parties to this agreement recognize that the Club pays in advance for ice time, tournament fees and other expenses to run the program. Should a tournament be cancelled, the Club will take steps necessary to attempt to receive a refund of fees to return to players, if allowed by the tournament.  Should the Carolina Stars Hockey program be interrupted at any point during the season which results in the cancellation of all program activities of the Club continuously for over 30 days and the Club is not charged for ice time during that period of interruption, then the Club, at its discretion, may provide partial pro-rated program fee refunds or credits to participants for future programs/camps/clinics as it determines is appropriate and feasible or make adjustments to the schedule to make up any missed program activities at a later date.  However, there is no requirement for any such refund, credit or rescheduling and such decisions shall be at the sole discretion of the Carolina Stars Hockey Club based on the particular circumstances that arise, the dates of such interruption and the activities that are cancelled.

Further, the Parent/Player agree that they are assuming all risks associated with playing hockey and participating in the 2023-2024 Carolina Stars Hockey season during the  COVID 19 pandemic and the Club has no responsibility to protect any particular player or their family from the virus.  The game of hockey is a game in which the Player will come into contact with other players and coaches and social distancing is not feasible during the game of hockey. The player and their parents release the Club from any responsibility regarding any infections, illness or death from COVID 19.  Notwithstanding, all Players shall agree to follow all Club, USA Hockey, CAHA and federal and local guidelines to minimize risks to themselves and others and should not attend any event, practice or game if they have been exposed to COVID 19 or have any symptoms of illness or fever.  ‘

2.6.      Additional Costs/Team Dues.  The parent is responsible for the purchase of required game jerseys, game socks, uniforms and gear as required by the Club which are not included in the program fees, with the exception that the Club will provide practice jerseys and practice socks. 

  1. Club Participation/Agreement to follow Club Policies/Release.  The parent below gives approval and permission for the Player below to participate in all activities associated with the Carolina Stars Hockey Club 2023-2024 fall/winter program for the roster position offered to the player.  The player and his parents and family agree to abide by and be bound by all rules and codes of conduct for the Carolina Stars Hockey Club and USA Hockey, including the Parent Code of Conduct and Player Code of Conduct and shall remain in good standing with the Club.  It is understood that the Carolina Stars Hockey Club has the right to set forth disciplinary actions, including but not limited to suspension of the player from participation in the program if rules are violated by the player, supporting parents and/or family members.  The parent agrees to hold harmless the Carolina Stars Hockey Club, its coaches, managers and affiliates from any liability or injury to the Player.
  1. Team Uniform.  The Parent/Player agrees that the Player is required to wear a white helmet with a silver cage and is required to purchase the required uniform and gear of the team and organization.  The Player shall only wear the team colors and apparel sanctioned by the organization during team practices and events.  Players must also follow team rules regarding apparel that is required to be worn to and from games.  Players are not allowed to alter or modify the team logo, jerseys or gear without permission of the Club.
  1. Non- Parent Head Coach Travel Reimbursement. One non-parent head coach per team shall submit any travel receipts per out of town week/weekend to the the team manager or his/her designee. The team manager or his/her designee is responsible for collecting funds from all team parents (including parents designated as coaches) for allowable coaching expenses as well as reimbursing the coach in accordance with this policy. Reimbursement shall be made promptly after receipt of the appropriate expense documentation from the team manager or his/her designee. Such documentation is to be maintained, in good order, by the team manager or his/her designee and a copy of documentation and receipts sent to the Carolina Stars Admin. Travel expenses include  any of the following such as hotel, car rental, flights, meals and any reasonable travel expenses.
  2. Photo Waiver.  I consent and authorize the use, reproduction and copyright, in print or electronic form by Carolina Stars Hockey Club and its staff and assigns and transferees of any and all visual materials, including photographs and video, which may be taken during any Carolina Stars Hockey program activity for any publicity, website or marketing purposes without compensation.  All visual materials, including video, photographs, negatives, prints, electronic or digital or other images shall be owned by Carolina Stars Hockey Club.
  1. Copyright, Logo and Proprietary Information.  The Carolina Stars Hockey Club owns all rights to the use of its logo and other proprietary information and the parent and player shall not make use of such materials owned by the organization without permission.  The parent/player may not use the logo or other materials of the Club to place on items for sale or profit.
  1. Definition of Parent.  The term “Parent” as used in this agreement shall apply to and mean the parent, family member or legal guardian of the player who has authority to enter into this agreement and authorize the player to accept the position offered and any term stating “parent” applies to the parent, legal guardian and/or family member entering into this agreement.

8.         Verification of Notice of Fees and Link to Registration.  The parent acknowledges and agrees that parent has been provided notices of the program fees attached and a link to the registration page of the organization to register and make payment.


Player Attitude:

All Carolina Stars Hockey travel players are to act as leaders. They are to set examples of good sportsmanship towards ALL members of Carolina Stars Hockey Association, referees, coaches, parents and all spectators, win or lose. As members of a travel team, players must remember they will be representing the Carolina Stars Hockey Association and surrounding areas of North Carolina.


Players/parents are to be committed to seeking the highest level of hockey that is available for competitive play. Travel hockey does not equate fair playing time into equal playing time; playing time is at the discretion of the coaching staff. Parents should understand that the schedule may include holidays and players will from time to time be out of school. Parents of the Carolina Stars Hockey Association need to behave in a mature and responsible manner. The same expectation will be asked of each player! Be a good example! 

It is the responsibility of all parents to do their share of volunteerism to help keep the program running effectively. Parents are to check the web site for information and/or handouts and attend parent meetings. 

Please stay informed. Rumors breed discontent…the best way to be informed is to get involved.

Parents are to abide by the 48-hour rule. A coach cannot be approached or contacted within 48-hours 

of a game. A cooling off period allows for more time to think things through and become more level headed. In the heat of the moment, something may be said that will be regretted.

Demands of Players:

Agree to and sign “Carolina Stars Hockey Disciplinary Guidelines” Keep grades up.

Dress code for games is determined by the Head Coach.

Dress code for on ice games is white helmet, team pant/shell, team gloves, team jersey and team socks. Dress code for practice is the same as for games with the exception of a practice jersey and practice socks.

Zero Tolerance on and off ice.

No cell phones or any device able to record video in the locker rooms. Total respect for all coaches and referees. Good sportsmanship… win or lose!!

Disciplinary Guidelines:

Precursor – The guidelines listed below are in addition to those guidelines ascribed to by USA Hockey, which are listed on the USA Hockey website under Coaches, Parents and/or Players/Participant Codes of Conduct. 

Each player and parent is asked to sign and adhere to these codes of conduct prior to the season.

Purpose – The following guidelines have been established to limit and/or eliminate issues and/or matters that may be perceived as harmful to the success of the Carolina Stars Hockey Association.

Goal – The development of these disciplinary guidelines was meant to place behavioral responsibility on the players and parents of the Carolina Stars Hockey Association and at the same time try to create a consistent measurable means to establish disciplinary actions as a result of poor behavior and/or decisions on behalf of players and/or parents.


1. Carolina Stars Hockey players are expected to attend all practices and games on time, dressed with proper equipment.

2. All players are expected to notify the coaches or team managers, prior to the game or practice, if they are going to be late or absent from a game or practice.

3. Excused absences (school or church related activities) should be relayed as soon as possible.

4. Unexcused absences or tardiness hurt individual and team development, and may result in consequences from the coach.


1. All players are to use the locker room to quickly dress for on-ice activities. Players may use locker room after ice activities to shower and dress. Locker rooms must be kept clean at all times.

2. Locker rooms are not to be used for playing games, shooting pucks or horseplay of any kind. Non-team friends are not allowed in the locker room at any time.

3. Non-hockey items and valuables should not be brought into the locker room.

4. Any player abusing the locker room or locker room rules may lose the privilege of using the facilities and further discipline will be at the discretion of the coach and/or disciplinary committee.

5. Carolina Stars Hockey Association, Coaches and/or Team Managers are NOT responsible for lost or stolen property at the rinks, hotels, etc…

6. Parents are not permitted in the locker rooms. Players who need assistance with skate tying may find assistance outside of the locker rooms.

7. Coach Staff and Locker Room Monitors are allowed inside of the locker rooms to monitor the players behavior.


1. All Carolina Stars Hockey players are expected to treat other players, teammates, coaches, fans and officials with respect.

2. All players are expected to skate to the best of their ability and represent Carolina Stars Hockey Hockey Association with sportsmanlike conduct in all win or lose situations.

3. Arguing, verbal or physical gestures of disrespect, swearing, fighting or intent to injure are unacceptable behaviors both on and off the ice, discipline will be acted upon immediately by the coach and/or the disciplinary committee.

4. The use/possession of tobacco products, alcohol, e-cigarettes, drugs and drug paraphernalia by Carolina Stars Hockey players is ILLEGAL and STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Immediate action will be taken in accordance with Carolina Stars Hockey guidelines disciplinary committee and coach; game and season suspensions are possible.

5. Academics: Carolina Stars Hockey players are encouraged to maintain solid academic performance.

6. All players are expected to accept the positive or negative consequences of the behaviors they choose to exhibit.

7. Travel Behavior: Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Carolina Stars Hockey Players will respect every hotel, restaurant and ice facility and the employees of those establishments. Curfews will be abided by. Failure to comply with these expectations will result in a reduction of playing time and possible loss of future playing privileges.


When an incident and/or problem occurs the head and assistant coaching staff along with the disciplinary committee will review the facts surrounding the incident and determine the extent of the incident and will discuss the disciplinary action with the player and parents.

By signing this electronic form I am stating that I have received a copy of the Carolina Stars Hockey Association Guidelines, and agree to abide by all set disciplinary guidelines.

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